The VIP Savings Network offers local schools, charitable organizations, churches and sports teams an easy way to raise funds with our Savings Card.

Since the VIP Savings Network CARD is constantly advertised in local magazines, newspapers, radio, and brochures and on billboards and posters placed throughout the city, fundraising becomes much easier and effective.

Fundraising opportunities with our network not only benefit your organization but also help local businesses grow and create jobs.

Help your supporters save money with our citywide discount network!

VIP Savings Network will help your organization raise funds faster with:

  • Local customer support
  • Friendly website
  • FREE iPhone & Android Apps
  • Citywide advertising

    Eliminate the need for your organization to follow up or solve and answer any post-sale questions about the program or any of its participating merchants.

    In most cases, there is very little or NO investment required to start!

    To learn more, contact us at:

            (915) 845-4847 or by email at

El Paso Fundraising Factory Programs